The wills of Castle Donington
Hemington, Kegworth, Breedon, Lockington, Derby, Sawley, Allestree, Shardlow, Risley, Melbourne, Newark etc.,
and further afield; Nuneaton, Rochdale, Wimbledon, Birmingham, Nottingham, Wakefield, Leicester, London etc.

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This website has been created to give you access to some of the wills made by people from the Castle Donington area. Although principally from the Castle Donington area many of the people came from far and wide. The wills and codicil's (addendums and changes to existing wills) contained in this site are copies made from the originals which were handwritten, by solicitors of Castle Donington, into their will's ledger. The dates range from the early 1800's to the mid 1900's. Many of these copies include information about family relationships, favourite family members, friends, ownership of land, property and goods, as well as notes added by the solicitors and lots more.

There are still many more wills to be included in the database, so if your name isn't there yet it might be in the future, so please check back. Please email me if you find any errors or if you found the site useful.

The search box below will help you find the will of a person by searching for a family name, birth date, death date, place of birth or residence and occupation or any combination of these. Type in your details, choose a search option from the menu and then press "Search". Of course you can browse all the wills by simply pressing "Search".

Each will-copy is available as a high resolution pdf file costing between £2 and £10 depending on page length, some of the wills include codicil's (addendums and changes to existing wills) and can run to many pages. You can pay securely online through "NoChex" by clicking the buy amount and we will email you the will-copy as soon as we are notified by NoChex of your payment. Of course you can buy by cheque (how do I do that) and we will then email you the pdf file direct. We hope that each will-copy will soon be available to download directly as a high resolution pdf file.

The wills are copies from the original and it is difficult to know what they might look like so here you can download an example of the first page from one of the copies, the will of John Kilborn. This low resolution jpg file gives an indication of what you could expect in your ancestors information.

A number of the copies made by the solicitors are available to download for free. These are wills that contain very little extra detail and are relatively small in size. Mary Selina Dalby is an example that you can download to view online by clicking here.

The information in this database has been transcribed as accurately as possible, but as the original ledger is handwritten it does mean that complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Not all the names mentioned in the wills have been included as some are not clearly readable.

We have attempted to be as accurate with dates of birth and death, as well as spellings of names, but 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Please bear this in mind before purchasing a will as no refund can be given.

The information and scans are made available for private research and non-commercial use only

Name Spouse Residence Occupation Dates
1 Peter Hudson Hemington 1797-1866
Executors: Betsy Wheildon Witnesses: Joseph Samuel Watto, Joseph White
Other names mentioned: Betsy Wheildon
2 Robert Simpkin Elizabeth Simpkin Hemington Farmer 1794-1876
Executors: William Summerfield, Hannah Hickinbottom Witnesses: William Stenson, Henry Hopkin
Other names mentioned: James Hickinbottom, John Harpur Crew, Jane Spencer, George Simpkin, Fanny Summerfield
3 James Smith Castle Donington Labourer 1842-1878
Executors: Charles Hudson Witnesses: Sarah Ann Cartledge, Mary Hudson
Other names mentioned: Jeremiah Smith, Mary Smith, Elizabeth Stove, George Stove
4 William Stenson Catherine Stenson Castle Donington Schoolmaster 1811-1876
Executors: Catherine Stenson Witnesses: William Dunnicliff, John Pegg
Other names mentioned: Joseph Stenson, George Stenson, John William Stenson
5 Rebecca Towle Castle Donington Spinster 1769-1855
Executors: John Towle Witnesses: Joshua Burton, John Allsopp
Other names mentioned: John Towle jr

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